Double Glazed Window and Door

Double glazed window and door repairs



  1. I have condensation inside my double glazed unit do I need a whole new window

    No. Individual glass units can be replaced  clear,obscure,leaded or georgian style can all be replaced with no disruption to the window frame. Prices start from as little as £69.00

  2. My uPVC window doesn't close very well and is draughty

    Could be one of a couple of problems .

    Perhaps a new pair of hinges will cure the problem starting from £49.00.

    Maybe new rubber gasket will cure the problem starting from £25.00 per window.

    Maybe it just needs adjusting.

  3. The black rubber gasket round my windows has shrunk leaving large gaps.

    There are many types and sizes of rubber gasket for uPVC windows all are replaceable prices start from £29.00 per window

  4. My window handles are tarnished and loose

    No problem we can supply handles in many finishes to suit all makes of uPVC or aluminium windows prices start from as little as £13.00 each

  5. I have uPVC double glazed windows but still get a lot of condensation inside the room

    The physics of condensation requires a long explanation however we have found by upgrading your double glazed units to Pilkington K glass and fitting trickle vents into your window frames certainly helps reduce condensation on the inside of your windows  

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  1. My uPVC door catches and is difficult to open and close

    In many cases a door service which includes all adjustments necessary will have your door working like new. Prices for a door service start from as little as £45.00

  2. My door handles are worn and tarnished and my letter box is broken.

    No problems, we carry a stock of handles hinges locks and letterboxes but if we dont have the one you need we can usually get one in just a few days.

    Letter boxes start at £35.00, Handles start from £30.00

  3. My door panel has discoloured do I have to buy a whole new door

    No. Door panels can be replaced 

    There are many styles to choose from prices start from. Half panels start from £69.00 and full door panels start from £149.00

  4. I have read on the Internet about lock snapping how do I know if my locks are secure

    Firstly look on the face of the cylinder (where you put the key) are there any markings especially a kite mark if not it is a very quick and easy job to remove the cylinder to check if it is snap safe.

    If you need a new snap safe cylinder (and the majority of PVCu doors do) a new kite marked snap safe cylinder can be fitted for as little as £69.00

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Patio Doors

  1. I have an older style aluminium patio door with a misted glass unit is it possible to replace it.

    Yes it is.

    It takes a little longer to complete as the door has to be disassembled and then re assembled around the new glass unit .

  2. I have a tilt and slide patio door where to plastic parts that slide in a track at the top have broken and fallen off is it possible to replace them.

    This door is now in a dangerous condition ! please don't use it as it may fall into the room.

    It takes around one hour to replace the top sliders on a uPVC tilt/slide patio door 

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